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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Volunteer Fellowships...and hearing God

Since June 2007, we've enjoyed regular times of fellowship with our international volunteer staff. It's great to get together and just focus on them and how they are doing, sing together, listen to prayer requests, and pray over the children, staff, and overall work of the homes.

Certain times in our history have been particularly stimulating, such as when we have 4 or 5 volunteers representing several countries. (Ever had a conversation about what the song/dance "Hokey Pokey" is called in other places? How about "Hokey Cokey" in the UK? We laughed and "argued" so much that was nuts. Totally out of control. Falling off our chairs we were laughing so hard.)

Then besides laughing so hard and eating entirely too many US-style snacks, we do have a serious time of sharing or a testimony, usually led by my parents. But they readily recognize that the work is very tiring and challenging most days. (I know, I know, I should use the word "ministry" but when you're changing your 10th diaper in a row with 10 toddlers running around you in all their glorious energy, it seems to be WORK with a capital W.) So, often my Mom brings in something more lighthearted.

Anyway, all of that as a long preamble to pass on what my Mom shared at our last fellowship time. We had a good chuckle or two while reading through the list (I wondered how many of us had used at least a dozen of the phrases on that list that very day, although in Spanish) but it was impactful as well as entertaining. Here's the list:

Talking to your kids
...And hearing God at the same time

1. “I remember the day you were born”
2. “Do you know where you’re going?”
3. “Slow down”
4. “It’s time to get up”
5. “That is not how we treat our brothers and sisters”
6. “Look at me”
7. “You gave your word”
8. “How many times do I have to tell you?”
9. “Come here!”
10.“We don’t act like that”
11. “I love you”
12. “Where is your brother?”
13. “Hold my hand”
14. “Be careful”
15. “You will always be my child”
16. “Please stop that”
17. “Follow the directions”
18. “Now is not the time”
19. “Share”
20. “Let’s go for a walk”
21. “Turn down the music!”
22. “Life isn’t fair”
23. “I know how you feel”
24. “Do you know what time it is?”
25. “Answer me when I call you”
26. “It doesn’t matter what everyone else is doing”
27. “You make me smile”
28. “No”
29. “This is going to hurt me more than it’s going to hurt you”
30. “Are you ready for inspection?”
31. “Be still”
32. “Where does it hurt?”
33. “I’m the parent, that’s why”
34. “Stop whining”
35. “That’s not your job”
36. “[your name here]”
37. “Use your time wisely”
38. “I love to hear you sing”
39. “Don’t lie to me”
40. “Pay attention”
41. “Call home”
42. “Let me know when you get some self control”
43. “Be quiet”
44. “Together we can do it”
45. “Please just trust and obey me”
46. “Listen to me”
47. “Wash up before dinner”
48. “It’s your choice”
49. “Don’t panic”
50. “Take out the trash”
51. “Are you ready yet?”
52. “Get busy”

We went around the room of "volunteers" ranging from age 10 to 50s, and encouraged each to share one or two that stuck out to them and apply it to how God speaks to us. I found #28 interesting, "no". Why is it so cruel when God uses no with us, and yet we, in total confidence with our answer, use it so frequently with our children, for their good.

What is God telling you these days?

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Gallo Pinto2 said...

Is "Wait." on the list, because it should be...that one and "slow down" are hard for me. I need to work on living in the present and being more patient :) I feel like I'm always counting down how many classes are left in a day or how many school days left in a week or my favorite :) How many months 'til I can go back to Bolivia!