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  • HOGAR DE AMOR I: 11 babies
  • HOGAR DE AMOR II: 6 boys
  • HOGAR DE AMOR III: 8 girls

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Virus Update

And how are the other babies now? I am so very relieved to say that all are out of danger.

On Sunday afternoon, I took Gabriel to the hospital to have his breathing/lungs checked (which was interesting in itself because it was a no-transportation-vote-day in Bolivia, and we could only go because my Dad had permission to drive his car).

A couple of nurses were startled, recognizing Gabriela in his face. You can imagine what good care we got! Then, in the same ER as our tragedy two days prior, I put Gabriel down on the gurney and he began to coo and smile back at me. I cried! It was the most beautiful, relieving sight ever. Then even though they spoke of admitting him, nothing mattered because I KNEW he would be okay and survive this.

Finally by Monday we truly turned the corner and never looked back. Today Gabriel’s scabs are beginning to fall off, leaving bright pink new skin in their wake. Baby Carla was equally covered and she is also notably feeling better.

After one dozen babies and toddlers going through this at once (in round 3), literally only one, Rudy age 3 ½, never broke out in spots. Lucky little guy!

Jhair got it twice, having had only a light case in late December after Brayan arrived.

The two 3 year olds at CDA II have chicken pox but are doing okay (and all the rest there have already had it).

The new baby, renamed Angel by his “foster family” who stepped in so joyfully to serve in our time of need, is amazingly still healthy (and growing fast!).

CDA III has also avoided the outbreak, which is crucial due to having weaker and younger babies as well, plus the HIV positive toddler. I shower and change before going to hold Angel or visit CDA III.

A few in the Baby Home still have bad diarrhea and feel terrible. They are on treatment but it's taken way longer than usual to begin helping. The chicken pox is complicating the healing process as well as side affects from the medicine they are on to reduce the severity of the virus.

We appreciate your prayers as we come out of this! We see the light at the end of the tunnel and it's nice to begin to imagine "normal" days at the Baby Home once again. I also look forward to bringing baby Angel back and having another baby to carry around and cuddle!

First picture: Adorable Baby J on Monday, picture by photographer Brad Collins. He was the least hit of the small babies, perhaps because of starting treatment with acyclovir almost immediately.

Second picture: Baby G on Sunday, actually the day he turned the corner. His entire body is as covered as his face. It was so hard to know how to hold him, or even worse, change him.


Heather said...

Yeah!! Great news. I was thinking about you tonight... but I didn't know where you were. So here's saying "hi" and hope we can talk soon!

Beverly said...

I have added you to my prayer list. May God bless you and all of your fellow laborers.

Gallo Pinto2 said...

Oh it looks so painful! I can't even imagine. But I'm so glad they're all getting better!

The Adkins Family said...

Thank goodness everyone is doing better. Poor little angels! Just curious, do the kids get the chicken pox vacine when they're 12 months? None of our 6 kiddos have ever had chicken pox and I honestly had no idea it was soooo serious...

Jennifer Thompson said...

In reply to the question about vaccines: our doctors here have never recommended or even suggested that we give our kids the chicken pox vaccine. However after this, at least three have told me we must do it! Even at cost it will be about $50/child, which is a huge amount for here (and our budget) but of course we will do it.

The concern would still be for the younger babies we always have. Next time we'll immediately remove a child beginning to break out in spots, to protect the others and prevent the ever-worsening virus cycle we experienced this time.

I guess every sickness has its complications, but the severity of this was unbelievable. Vaccinate your kids!!