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Thursday, July 22, 2010

a family formed

Last month we had a very "surprise" adoption. You wouldn't think it would come as a surprise when it takes 1-2 years to get the kids anywhere close to being adoption ready, and often up to a year or more for the new parents to arrive, but this case was a bit out of the ordinary.

These two adorable children...

arrived just last year. And quickly became favorites with everyone! You can read about her arrival here and his here.

I had a special attachment with E ever since the first night when I brought her to my bed because she seemed to be the sickest and frailest. I actually first "met" her when her mother was pregnant with her on the street, wanting to send JK to Casa de Amor.

Now it wasn't all peaches and ice cream, if you look through February and March 2009 blog posts, like this one. But we had fallen in love and all was bearable.

Of the 21 adoptions we have had, I have never been as opposed to an adoption in my heart as I was this time. Of course in my head, I knew it was better for them to have a family, even if I wanted to be that family, but my heart wasn't understanding.

We got the news on a Monday evening.

Tuesday at midday the Bolivian couple arrived to meet Jk and E.

On Friday afternoon the children left, just in time before a month long court vacation.

Rarely does an adoption week even go that fast. Elena (their house mom) and I cried! It was a whirlwind and there was no time to prepare ourselves emotionally or mentally, or even properly prep the kids.

Even so, they adapted remarkably well. That at least gave us a bit of peace in our hearts. They will be doted on by a very well-to-do upstanding couple.

A few pictures of the adoption week:

Specialists in cheesy smiles, what can I say! Waiting anxiously to meet their new parents.

First moments chatting together

Eating all sorts of snacks (their lawyer and Elena looking on)

Emotional goodbyes at Casa de Amor II

Little E climbing into my car, embarking on a new chapter of life. I love how she clung to the picture Elena gave her, of Elena and me

A post-hearing picture outside court. We all look a little harried - maybe the stress and also hour long wait with two active children beforehand!

Our social worker has traveled to visit and brought back wonderful pictures of glowing faces. It seems they are already thriving as a new family!

Please pray for me this next week as I work with another street mother and other institutions coordinating in a very complicated situation. She is asking a lot of questions about adoption, which in this case seems the only good option, but mothers here rarely make a decision for an adoption as long as it's in their hands. Still, we don't want what's coming up to be overly traumatic for her or her children. Thank you!


Gallo Pinto2 said...

Oh they look so happy...but I know this one was tough for you and Elena...

Just wait til E and E are adopted and they I will be the basket case!

Jennifer T. said...

Oh dear, well prepare yourself (at least YOU get time to prepare)...their family's first hearing is already set for the 4th week of August!

-melissa. said...

oh wow - totally precious - totally heart aching. *LOOOOVE those two!* So, happy for them! Will continue to pray for their journey.