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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Happy Anniversary x 2

On July 4, I celebrated not one but two anniversaries.

Anniversary #1

For days my street friends have been asking me "What are we going to do for your anniversary?" Half the time I'd have to remember they are not talking about a wedding anniversary (hehe), but my country's birthday! One of the girls at the bridge spent several years living in a home financed from the US and she has fond memories of their July 4th celebrations.

So I spent all weekend gathering ingredients then making three completely homemade apple pies! Last year I had a hankering for apple pie but our twin boys arrived on July 3rd and the pies never came to be. This year I took them to the bridge to be devoured there at the intersection. Hannah probably felt funny, but the street is like my second home these days, so I ate as calmly as if in my kitchen. :)

The kids were so excited about "my anniversary" we did something special and went for a professional? picture. There's this place near the market and bus station that is so cheesy to us, but it sure floats the boats of those who flood in from the countryside on Sundays to hang out there. We joined the crowds, who stopped whatever they were doing to gawk at us, and made a couple memorable photos:

The kids were so sweet in the efforts they made to make "my anniversary" special and volunteer Hannah said it was also a particularly memorable 4th of July celebration!

Anniversary #2

On July 4, 2006, we opened the doors to Casa de Amor II! This evening while chilling with a few of the kids, I recalled with a caregiver the first four...then eight...then ten and so on...children to call CDA II home.

In the evening I took over three siblings to visit, as they will move there this week due to their age and....well, more news soon! One of the kids made the picture below, as I chilled for the first time that day with some cute kiddos.

Happy Anniversary, Casa de Amor II!!!

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