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Friday, July 23, 2010

house change

Even though last month's adoption was more difficult than usual, we quickly saw God's hand in it in at least one way. The very same Friday that JK & E left with their new parents, we were asked by Child Defense to take in three babies from the street. Because of the location they mentioned, I knew immediately which three they were referring to. Praying through it half a day before we had to give our answer, I made the complicated decision to bring them to our home even though it will greatly complicate my relationship with their parents. We asked for a week to prepare ourselves.

To create space, we decided to pursue a potential transfer of the three siblings (also arrived from the street last year) from the Baby Home to Casa de Amor II since there were now "just" 9 there. This is something I've always said we would never do for these special three, but in all honesty that might have come from not bearing the thought of not living with them. (Can you see I have a lot of favorites? But seriously, these three are ALWAYS favorites!)

Our visits went so well and the kids were so extremely excited to be moving up to the "big kid home", we continued with plans and a week later they also moved over.

Now as God would have it, on that same day He took home one of the babies due to come to us. She couldn't survive life on the streets just one more night to come to us. Authorities regrouped on the raid and we still await news. Yesterday we were contacted and asked to prepare space for FIVE. I am on pins and needles to know who and when and from where. It's torturous to be involved in the background in taking away babies, a part I really hate. I also don't want to be anywhere near them when the police arrive. But after seeing how quickly we lost baby M, at barely two months of age, I also can't find it in me to oppose the move if the parents refuse to leave the streets permanently, particularly during this harsh winter.

Anyway, I could go on and on but that is already a long winded introduction to just say: siblings S (almost 6 years), A (4 1/2) and D (2 1/2) now live at Casa de Amor II!

We could barely get them to stand still for one minute to take a farewell picture at the gate of the Baby Home

There was some sticker decorating going on in the backseat on our way!

A checking out his new bed. Scary new roommate, eh? (Another "little boy A"!)

The girls wasted no time in getting down to business. Doll and chat time!! The CDA II girls were tripping over themselves to give a little gift to the new ones.

Please pray for all the children and CDA II staff (like amazing volunteer Elena!) during this transition time. And don't leave out me and our staff here, especially volunteer Savannah, as we adjust to losing our oldest two and just three beautiful stars from our children here in the Baby Home.

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