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Sunday, July 4, 2010

A Happy July 4th Birthday Announcement!

Here at Casa de Amor, we have a little message for my sister Heather, turning 25 today!

You can read the news too, if you'd like...

Hi, Heather!

(Heather Nicole Thompson, ahem.)

Hope you've been having a great birthday and July 4th!!

So, you know how the triplets arrived with provisional names?

A little review...

Triplet #3 is Nataly, after the triplet's Bolivian godmother

Triplet #2 was named Victoria. The triplet's mother asked volunteer Savannah to change her name, and Savannah chose Allison, after her sister.

Triplet #1 was named Valentina. The triplet's mother asked me to change her name, and after some deliberation and her acceptance, I chose......


Nicole, Allison, Nataly!

And we started using their new names TODAY.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY from your sister and (some of) her babies!

PS - Seeing as the acronym of their names now spells out NAN, I expect to receive some sort of modeling or marketing contract from their favorite formula soon! Just watch for those checks to arrive. :)


Katrina Culmer said...

wow....finally real names....I really like them by the way!

I am the Clay said...