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Friday, January 1, 2010

Welcoming 2010

I really didn't think the last post was the last of the year, but so it was! In the past week, I've continued to catch up, read reports, meet with staff, run errands, close out December stuff, bake for New Years Eve, deal with a chicken pox scare (twin boy P), be with our current four volunteers and at the three houses with the kids/staff, so it was a little overwhelming and personal computer time fell by the wayside.

Also recently, short term trip veteran Elena arrived ready to jump right in! She's a spunky gal who will fit in well at CDA II, an unbeatable card player, and an avid reader of all blogs related to Casa de Amor, so HI ELENA!! She brought all sorts of goodies in a suitcase for us, things we had asked people to mail directly to her, so it was like Christmas all over again. :)

Then last night....

...we had a fun time at Casa de Amor II! It involved 10 excited kids ages 3-7, a perfectly cool night, sparklers, loud fireworks, and matches! And the kids LOVED it.

We attempted the same tonight, but twin girl E had been out all day playing and was obviously tired because she started crying for no reason and wouldn't stop, which made the others think there was something to cry about... ANYWAY, the older few enjoyed it (I just didn't get good pictures)!

Our husband and wife dynamo team, serving up the special New Years Eve dinner they purchased and cooked for the 6 kids + their daughter at Casa de Amor II.

Playing games and snacking our way to the midnight sea of fireworks in the Cochabamba valley!

Happy New Year to all of our friends!!!!!!!!

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Gallo Pinto2 said...

MY twin threw a fit and started crying for no reason? Really? That's SHOCKING! She just misses her Mama Denise :)

Feliz Ano Nuevo!