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Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas at CDA II

After the wonderful Baby Home Christmas on Christmas Eve, we had an equally wonderful time at Casa de Amor II!

Group picture! Or so we thought, until the oldest walked in from running an errand with a tia, oops! So the other 9 are here + two staff member children

Hot, rainy South America Christmases used to throw me for a loop, but I think I'm getting used to them

The pastor's son of our children's church is volunteering at the Baby Home during his summer school break. He is EXCELLENT with the kids, all ages!! Shouldn't surprise me because his parents, who have adopted, are the same (his mother has even given a course to our caregivers), but to see a teenage boy able to take charge of a group, or just wield a broom or chop veggies in the kitchen, all with a great attitude, is a real blessing.

So I invited Jonathan along to help with Christmas festivities at CDA II, and he immediately pitched in. As the volunteer with the best Spanish :) I asked him to read the kids the Christmas story.

Checking out the many gifts!

A prayer of gratefulness and blessing on our friends before present time!

Lots of joy!

B and return volunteer Katrina (from New Zealand)

What a scene!

I had a great time playing "monopolio" with our accountant David and oldest boy, age 11. At first David and I were chuckling to be handing play money back and forth, when every day we talk about real sums of money, LOL. The other kids gathered around to watch, advise us on real estate purchases, and roll the dice for us (or crawl all over).

Kitchen preparations underway....

Christmas Lunch!

Thanks to IMBA, everyone had their fill of donated chicken! (Minus yours truly, who held out for the Christmas party potluck at a missionary friend's house)

Also on Christmas Day without even trying, I actually saw all 40 of my children, fun!

I also loved being back in the international community of Cochabamba. On Christmas and the days surrounding it, I've been with people from Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Argentina, and Scotland, besides Bolivia and the US.

This year's Christmas was practically perfect in every way! :)

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Gallo Pinto2 said...

Oh mouth is watering looking at those baked plantains...

looks like a wonderful day at House 2!