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Saturday, December 5, 2009

the latest greatest...

A little update from freezing Tennessee (while Bolivia boils)...

~ Today I visited Youth Villages, Memphis location, which is actually their original and biggest site. Really neat! My brain is churning now with ideas of things to improve and change and learn about, and I might get to go back next week to learn more about their "staff leadership development" program.

~ Tomorrow morning we're going back to Nashville, this time to pick up a wheelchair for a little boy in Bolivia who turns 8 today. (Whole story coming soon!) I also get to see a childhood friend who moved there from Texas several years ago.

~ On Monday, I have a meeting with the women's ministry director at my family's new (and large) church here and possibly other senior pastors to discuss future involvement with Casa de Amor (!!).

~ There was a special double birthday at the Baby Home last week! Read all about it on Savannah's blog.

~ The past few days have been interesting and newsworthy on the volunteer/visitor front. Much of the news is still developing, but two tidbits:

A professional photographer, the friend of friends in Texas, is interested in coming and taking pictures of our kids and missionary families next year!

Christy, the reflexologist-in-training who was with us a month earlier this year, is considering a return to Cochabamba next summer. She would like to study Spanish full time and practice reflexology on our staff and kids the rest of the time. Oh, yeah!

~ And finally, I'll end with the current news about my return to Bolivia rather than email those in suspense with me... Since October, I've had no clear idea of when my vacation/furlough/sabbatical would end. (It's a long story but has to do with immigration telling me at the last minute that I had a 60 day limit to be out of the country. I decided to go on anyway and risk not getting to spend Christmas in the US with family.)

So TODAY was "The Day" to find out if they would extend that permission. However, true to Bolivia form I won't have the answer until next week, right around day #60, which isn't exactly helpful if they decide NOT to extend it. The lawyers are confident me a little pause. Right now we're leaning towards living life dangerously, meaning that I'll stay till right after Emma's birthday (December 14). Surely it will all be fine! I mean, with the fast approaching elections in Bolivia I'm sure they have bigger fish to fry!

~ Before leaving, whenever that will be, I'm frantically trying to finish all the "final" things including reading the last few library books I've checked out. I'd like to share what I've been reading when I have a chance. And on that to finish one of them!

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