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Thursday, January 14, 2010

The Miracle Blanket

I always hear wonderful things about "miracle blanket, the gift of sleep".

So I wrote the Miracle Blanket people while in the US, and they quickly replied that they would love to send us several blankets!


Newborns and most infants love being swaddled tightly to sleep, but it can be hard to get a blanket comfortably tight enough so that they can't pop out. However, this blanket is escape proof!

If you need a gift for someone with a new baby, consider a Miracle Blanket! They are obviously very high quality and very practical.

Within a few months, we "should" have space again in the Baby Home. Can't wait to use them on tiny babies!

Happy Baby

Thank you so much, MiracleBlanket people!


Home Sweet Home said...

What gorgeous babies...can I bring one home :-)

Those blankets look so comfy.

Bless you!


Anonymous said...

Those blankets look wonderful!! That baby is so precious!

Que Dios te bendiga,