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Monday, January 25, 2010

"New" House Tour, miscellaneous

As we went, we kept finding new areas that definitely needed a fresh coat of painting.

The plan of painting 3 bedrooms soon stretched to 4 bedrooms + 2 hallways + a middle common area!

Rainbow hallway!!

A nasty dirty closet

Yours truly tackling the nasty dirty (very hot!) closet

Ta-da! (Katrina C. did the detail work)

This is the middle "common" room on move-in day. Within literally two minutes one day, we had all agreed on the color "clary sage", which turned out to be a glorified white, but we like it.

Definitely spruced up the room from before!

(Heather, you'll be pleased to know that the violins came over in my car in the very first load!)

Now it could be called the Jonah room.

I said one day "that looks like a little whale!" and someone said it was, gracias a Nic.

Some inside joke with the volunteers, what can I say?!

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