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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

the missing season

In blogging from the US for the first time, I often find myself wanting to describe something or show pictures of something only to realize, “oh, wait…this is interesting to practically NO ONE because it’s their life here. DUH.”

It then dawns on me that it’s quite easy to be an interesting blogger when you live in a third world country that no one else does. That is, I mean, most of my readers. Don’t live here. There. (I sometimes forget which continent I'm on!) Ah-hem. That was about as clear as mud. Moving along…

The point of this post is to say I LOVE FALL!!! But hadn’t really realized it until being in the US during fall for the first time since 2005. I didn't realize quite how "missing" it is in Bolivia. So I’ve been making up for lost time and enjoying…

~The changing fall leaves and the ground covered with layers of crunchy, colorful leaves
~Cashew Carrot Ginger Soup
~Walking through a corn maze with my family
~Pecan Pie Pancakes (at IHOP with Grandpa - what can I say!)
~Carving pumpkins
~Nearly wearing out my most fall-ish colored sweater that I rarely use in Bolivia because, well, I feel strange
~Pumpkin Ice Cream (more than once I’ll have to admit…I’ve been trying everyone’s!)
~Spiced Apple Cider
~Sitting by a bonfire in the crisp cool fall air
~Cranberry Bread and Upside-Down Cranberry Muffins
~Pumpkin pie, of course!
~Brussel sprouts
~Using pecans, walnuts, and cashews in my baking and cooking
~Wearing orange and golds and browns
~Brown sugar cinnamon sugar waffles
~Apple harvest nut cookies (from my parents stores)
~Sweet potatoes

(And of course I’m gaining absolutely no weight, even though my parents now own TWO cookie stores, because of the gym at the apartments, remember?)

In Cochabamba, we {supposedly} live in the city of "perpetual spring", and within 24 hours we almost always get close to summer AND winter, but the closest we get to fall is simply cooler temperatures at night and windy days. But no changing fall color, and just about none of the foods or activities listed above. Besides, when "fall" happens in April and May, does that seem like fall to you?? At least us from the Northern Hemisphere, that is.

And now that I probably have all my current volunteers completely jealous (and hungry), I better quit!!

(But hey, look at it this way: we don't have to endure a Northern Hemisphere winter by living down south. The best way to enjoy is probably to know that you're skipping out before winter arrives, hehe.)



Gallo Pinto2 said...

While Fall is my favorite too, I'd still rather be in Cocha! I'm in need of a baby to hold :-/ and friends...

I loved Spiced Apple Cider too!

Savannah said...

what are you trying to do to us, jen? between this post and the cookie cake...we've got food on the mind now for sure! :) just kidding - HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

babydoc said...

Happy happy thanksgiving from UK Jen!

Lol Liz xx