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Monday, November 23, 2009

Gabriela's place

Hard to fathom it's been 10 months already. Some days it seems years ago, then some days I'll see a picture or read that someone has chicken pox or remember our "baby twins"...or even some completely unrelated detail...and I'm right back to that horrible morning with every detail still way too fresh.

Right before my trip here, I spent the last minutes of the last hour of the work week with Katrina and Savannah in Cochabamba's cemetery. Our simple mission was to paint the very high up railing in white paint. Unfortunately closing time came before finishing and I had very speckled black sandals by the end (guess I was too busy before to think of paint clothes!).

I left a stem with "triplet" roses, a little lock to secure Gabi's place (my mom prepared flower vases that we still need to take), and propped back up a picture I left on January 24, surprised it had survived all other clean-ups.

Continue to pray for Gabriel's adoption. All the instability in the court and social services means that caregiver Luz is still waiting for good news. Gabriel is just about our sweetest, best natured, happiest baby, and will bloom with a family of his own!

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jag said...

I am praying for Gabriel's adoption with you. The story of your loss breaks my heart. So so sorry for all of you.