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Monday, November 30, 2009

top student

(Dec. 1: UPDATED!)

This special guy...

...graduated top of his class (kindergarten) today! Congratulations!!

Our beloved Tia Eli from Casa de Amor II marched in with him while the other kids had parents by their side. But not for much longer! A., now 6, has FINALLY been assigned adoptive parents from Europe.

Here he is, graduating from Casa de Amor Baby Home's "pre-kinder" class a couple years ago:

A. (returning to her father any day now, with her brother), J. (now with his family in Italy), J. (will be with us a while to come), and A.!

Dec. 1 update: Our accountant just sent me these pictures! First time a Bolivian has sent me pictures while I'm gone and how glad I am that he did.

Tia Eli with A.

Our other proud grads (J. peque, A., A.)

Let 'em have it, A.!

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