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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

enjoying life

Somebody special just a had a birthday!! Hard to believe, our A is now three!

She arrived a tiny, quiet, peaceful newborn in November 2006. Aww....

Even after so many knocks in the road both health-wise and in the family department (two failed adoptions - in fact the only two we've had to this point), she is still a delightful little person who brightens the day of everyone she comes in contact with!

Thought you might enjoy the Alseths account of making A's day special. (In an effort to use their limited resources wisely, all the kids at CDA III are having more personal, small "family birthdays", which is still really special to the child!)

We took her out to see a dinosaur movie and go to an arcade. The movies were buy one get one free that night so we took JG with her to celebrate. They both had the best time ever experiencing everything. A couldn’t get enough of the rides at the arcade and they both enjoyed eating their candy popcorn.

They were so entertained by the movie, which was a surprise to us because they don’t usually pay attention to things that long when we’ve put movies on the television at the house. They were the cutest! Their laughter was louder than the movie sound system and every time something funny would happen; A would look over at me and repeat everything that she just saw, and then laugh all over again. I couldn’t understand half of what she said but, her sound effects were the greatest. I was laughing at her more than the movie!

Even the people around us thought our kids were the highlight of the show. Fun, fun, fun!

See for yourself:

Happy Birthday, A, and many, many more!!!

{pictures courtesy of the Alseth Family}

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Katrina said...

OH! they are so very grown up!

i am getting very excited about seeing everyone soon!