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Thursday, November 19, 2009

little mother

{I didn't get around to posting this back in September, so here it is now while I wait to get my laptop back from a tech friend in Texas.}

Five year old S reminds me so much of myself...

I was also 5 when my sister Sarah was born and she was the delight of my days!

(Although I do recall going to the neighbor's house on multiple occasions to just hold THEIR baby. Guess I've always been a multiple sort of baby person, ~grin~)

I would never have suggested that S. carry a newborn around...

...but she acts like she's done it forever and does it like a pro, carrying her in the way she figured out that keeps the baby in the best position and sleeping happily

sorting through the baby's new wardrobe
(S has very specific ideas on what she likes and what is "feo" - ugly)

That is, when I share with her. ;-)

At church! (S. was so offended when people would say "Oh look, she has a baby doll" and would reply "It's not a DOLL, it's a BABY!")

When I showed S. through my file of "new baby pictures", I knew she loved it but was unprepared for her unabashed love and joy to see "her baby" so cute. She started showering Fabiana (who she was wearing) with kisses and telling her what a wonderful, beautiful—even handsome!—baby she is. But when I got to this picture I got a BIG lecture…

She stared at me incredulously and said “The baby is going to fall! You should NEVER put her on something like that!”

I tried explaining that she was asleep and not moving, that I was right there close by, that I only had here there a minute, etc., etc., but she was buying none of it. She wagged her little finger at me and said to never do something like that again. She was trying her hardest to understand how I could do something sooo irresponsible. Oops. (I only took a few of this "pose" anyway because I wasn't getting the right effect.)

Fun, fun!


Gallo Pinto2 said...

Oh S...she's so cute! And bossy! Oh guess what! My pastor's baby that looks like Freddy - he took his first steps last weekend at 11 months!

Blessed2BaMommy said...

That's too precious (both of them :-))!