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Thursday, October 22, 2009


Checking in from Tennessee...

Today was my first truly productive day since leaving Bolivia 10 days ago. How did it feel? GREAT! Sometimes I think resting is highly overrated.

I feel so much better now that I've emailed back and forth with my administrator and accountant about finances, staff, bank accounts, speech therapists, etc., talked with our bank here about an ATM issue, finished November's CDA I & II schedules, worked on October's e-update, and updated the website.

Oh which means you can now see our brand new brochure!!! Go here, scroll down a bit and you'll see the links.

In summary I also....

Supervised all of Emma's schoolwork/guitar practicing since our Mom is currently visiting Denise Holman while she's in Virginia.

In between reading Amos Fortune and math assignments, I got two emails saying that the main pediatric hospital here would gladly accept me as a volunteer for the next two months. Yeah!!! I filled out the application and we shall see what comes of it...

Laughed out loud as I read the new article "Hurry" from a favorite blogger (also in Tennessee!). Have to admit that she brings up an excellent set of questions.

Made Terayaki Chicken Salad sandwiches for my family's dinner tonight along with Organic Cashew Carrot Ginger soup. Don't get all excited about that one: I'm lovin' how lazy you can be in the US and heated it up from a fancy schmancy box of soup. It was all YUMMY.

No idea why this post happens to have so many links. Of course you don't have to go to any of them, they're just there if you're curious. =)

Later Emma and I enjoyed 40 minutes in the workout room at their apartment complex. SO much fun - this is getting to be a daily ritual! I've never had consistent access to workout equipment before. And well, now's a terrific time! Read: all the cookies and gooey bars and cinnamon-sugar pretzels with icing a girl could EVER want, yikes!!

And in Baby Home news...

Yesterday I called to wish our childcare supervisor a happy birthday, but we could barely talk for the kids yelling my name. So the tias started passing the phone around and I had a blast talking to about 8 or 10 2 to 5 year olds! I'm not entirely sure how many because some only smiled instead of talking, and gasp I couldn't tell who was who very well by phone...and an internet call at that.

You never know what a kid will say. Three year old Jh got on the phone and exclaimed "Tia Jheny!! Have you had your baby yet?!??" The tias dying laughing in the background was just as funny. I suppose he thinks that tias who disappear for long amounts of time can only be on maternity leave!! I told a tia afterwards that I would hate to disappoint him and that I could arrange to pick up a new baby on my way back from the airport if they so desired. =)

They also report that "my baby" (that would be 6 week old baby F) had just finished her bottle and is growing and changing and her face is already different again.

Speaking of airports, a new volunteer arrived today in Bolivia! Check the volunteer blog soon for more.

AND we are off to the one here now to pick up Mom, so signing off...

Pictures in this post courtesy of volunteer Savannah!!


Savannah said...

SO bizarre to be reading blog updates on here from TENNESSEE! we went to brazilian coffee tonight, so obviously i thought of you. xoxo

Jennifer T. said...

Haha, same here! Odd to be reading your posts and not have lived through it with you. =)