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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

can we say luxury??

Last year I was in Texas in July and quite possibly my FAVORITE purchase of the trip was a diaper bag from Wal-Mart.

So cheap and SO HANDY when you are constantly out with 1-3 babies/toddlers, or {many} more.

Remember this picture from a long ago post? Girl Twin E famously climbing IN TO aforementioned diaper bag at a restaurant while her brother slept peacefully. At least it kept her distracted for exactly 1.7 minutes! Multi-use, indeed.

Now with the volunteers and staff taking the kids out even more than me, they are wanting a diaper bag as well....or maybe not something that screams "I'm a mommy" but is just more practical than your purse, where that milk bottle WILL spill or leak before your day is done, and it WILL wet important papers.

So this week I checked out a few links I had saved, of "mother of multiples" recommended bags. WHOAH NELLY!! It's a whole new world! Unfortunately, stuff you never knew you needed until you heard of it. Now I'm not saying that I even understand what all of this means, much less do I want or need it, but what a dizzying array of features and options...

ultra lightweight changing pad (no foam)...oh, was SO concerned about the weight of a changing pad!!
machine washable
Crumb Drains (hm...)
magazine pocket
anti-microbial lining ....let me tell ya, you really don't need this in the US, you need it at the ends of the earth where hand-washing has yet to catch on and diseases that have died out here still thrive there
Mommy pockets (for lipstick. oh, of course.)
Pacifier pockets
key fob
Rhinestone studded zipper pulls
Lots and lots and LOTS of pockets!!!
Picture pockets
Light colored lining (explanation: to avoid the “dark hole” affect when you’re digging around for something. Clever!)
Wet/dry bag for messes
Diaper beds with “memory” foam so that there are no uncomfortable “pressure spots” for baby (???)
Stroller straps
Insulated diaper pockets (and diapers need to be insulated why?)
Premium shoulder padding on straps
No slip grip on straps
Stroller clips
And the “zippered pocket that works on the inside of the bag or out”. Huh?

Some bags had 20 or 30 fabric options, with names like "lotus lullaby" and "black bouquet". Lot of fun, but would make me want 5 or 6 to coordinate with outfits. =)

Loved the name "MotherShip" for one big kahuna bag (the striped one here).

And oh yeah, the prices were nuts - upwards of $100, so I was just dreaming!

A couple of the links (but if you have a baby, you've been forewarned!!):




Gallo Pinto2 said...

Haha! I LOVE your comments about the bag! Especially the ones that are OH SO TRUE! Like the hand washing and diseases that have died out in the U.S. but thrive in Bolivia!

Is there a Once Upon a Child near where you are? They are great re-sale stores that might have something more affordable.

Elizabeth said...

Jen, honestly, just use some imagination. Obviously the "zippered pocket that works on the inside of the bag or out” is for when one of your babies has climbed into the bag, and you - not realising - zipped her in there. The existence of a zippered pocket that opens from the inside enables the poor child to get herself out. And the crumb drains are so she can eat cookies while she's in there, and she won't make a mess.

What's the difference between a changing mat and a diaper bed? I can't imagine what the latter is? I feel terrible though that all those times that Erick screamed while I changed him, it was probably because of those uncomfortable pressure spots due to my not having laid him on a memory foam mattress. It's neglect, really...

However, personally I don't even consider buying a bag that doesn't have rhinestone studded zipper pulls. I'm surprised to learn you're not the same. Am now judging you.

Jennifer T. said...

Denise: Awesome idea! I just looked it up and there is a place. Looks like it's about 30 minutes from here but now I want to go!

Elizabeth: You had my entire family laughing, you silly you.