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Monday, December 19, 2011

new baby boy

Last week on Thursday, I had a busy day out doing all sorts of errands including Christmas stuff, and came home to a surprise!

There was a new baby in our playroom...

Baby K is supposedly 6 months old.

I say "supposedly" because we suspect he might be a bit older, for his development and because he eats food so well.

Some of the babies...

Baby K hanging out by Baby G (having just finished playing Baby Jesus for our annual nativity scene)!

Baby K's mom is just 18 and has an unstable relationship with the father. When she found out she was pregnant, she pressed charges for rape, but then changed her mind, withdrawing charges and asking for child support instead. Last week the father pressed charges on the mother, asking for the baby to be taken away because she wasn't properly caring for him....never having given a cent of child support!

Anyway, we will soon start our investigations to see what the future might hold for this content, chubby baby.

Update: we just got his immunization card and Baby K (spelled with a C there, hmm...) IS almost 7 months old. His birthday is the day before mine and thus the same day as our little girl B AND baby F - May 23!

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