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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Baby Home Caregiver Presentation, Part 2

(Continued from the first post)

Next, we toured the rooms that the second team of caregivers had prepared: Tias Rosi, Teresa, Roxana, & Tomaza!

Dormitorio: bedroom
(hand drawn logo!)

This mid-sized baby room was also full of cute mobiles!

One of the tia's husbands actually put up the steel rod "arms", wow!

The cute M. N. observing the flood of people to her room.

Putting all those donated plush toys to good use!!

Another note-worthy ceiling!

Sun, rain, it's all here....

And a drum roll please, for the final room!

The Baby Home playroom:

A star-strewn ceiling awaited us!

More snacks!

The tias shared about the different educative corners of the room.

Some of the famous faces of our beautiful children!

A special corner.

(So sorry for the crazy spacing, and that I can't center or italicize anything... I've had problems with blogspot ever since changing to Windows 2007! The pictures are the point anyway, right?!)

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