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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Casa de Amor Christmas - the multiples!!

We were blessed during our "Casa de Amor Christmas" to have 3 sets of multiples visit the Baby Home. The pictures made deserved a blog post of their own!
We were thrilled to see the triplet girls again, in their first visit back since going to their new home on Easter Sunday!
Alison & Nicole trying out the new "jumper" toys

Madrina (godmother) Nataly with her namesake...Nataly!
The twin boys who also lived with us 1 1/2 years before returning to their mother also came for a visit:
Luis and...Luis!
They haven't changed one bit, apart from growing much taller!!

And then Casa de Amor's current twins were also in attendance...
...the very lively, very different, K & A!
It's no easy task to get a picture of both, NOT in motion, looking up at the same time! :)
The triplets with Tia Silvia, the triplet's mother, and me (even harder to get a good picture of the three, now 1 year and 10 months old and bundles of energy!):

All seven of the multiples - together!
...even if not cooperating :)
(of all the pictures made, yep, these really are the best...)
Enjoying the cake snack (the triplet girls with their mom, the twin girls with their "house parents")...

A couple of the trips + the twins
Feliza has become such a good mom to her babies! Hard to believe after such a rough beginning, but she's truly fallen in love with all three.


Gallo Pinto2 said...

Luis and Luis are so big! but you're right they look the same! Super cute!

Mama D.'s Dozen said...

So good to see the twins reunited with their mama, and things going well.

Laurel :)