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Monday, December 12, 2011

Baby Home Caregiver Presentation, Part 1

alternately titled "why our house is not yet decorated for Christmas"... :)

The creativity and energy of our caregiving staff at Casa de Amor (affectionally called "tias", aunt in Spanish) never ceases to amaze me. Last month the childcare supervisor programmed an end-of-the-year evaluation/presentation time for the two shifts of childcare workers at the Baby Home, eight tias in total.

From that day on, every naptime and evening after bedtime, the tias were working like busy little bees.

Here is the result, presented in three posts!

The toddler room at the Baby Home, decorated by Tias Adelaida, Consuelo, Lucy, and Elizabeth:

In English: GOD IS OUR STRENGTH, the guiding logo of this group of tias

PAZ Y AMOR means "peace and love".

The beautiful ceiling was the highlight in this room:

As Tia Adelaida pointed out, one generally finds a garden on the ground, just not in this case. :)

The crowning glory was this large rooster which became a joke between me and the tias. They had asked to leave some bags in my room but hid them so well I didn't realize they had done it...till one night and also the day of the presentation they joked that I had been "sleeping with a special visitor" and didn't even know it. :)

Next, the entrance to the baby room:

Bienvenidos: welcome!

This room has always been my favorite I think, even before it was the triplet room. It's been made even cuter in recent months by the addition of bookshelves, and now shelves with speakers (all thanks to our resident adminstrative-assistant-and-handy-man, Tio David!)

And it's now full of.....crib mobiles!!

So pretty...

Fun to see aquatic animals in a country with no ocean access.

(Side note: This framed picture hung above my bed in Texas throughout my childhood years.)

The tias even had snacks prepared for us!

And...we discovered the wife to Mr. Rooster of the next-door room garden. :)

More pictures to come!!


Gallo Pinto2 said...

love the names next to the cribs!

Jennifer T. said...

The names were actually done by a visiting Australian volunteer! We love them, too!