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Friday, September 25, 2009

two weeks

I’m so cute that even with my many many brothers and sisters running around (I don’t know how many there are, I can’t count that high yet), people stop in their tracks to look at ME first and longest.

When the tía prepares 3 ounces I drink 2; when she makes 2 I want 3.

I like to keep them hopping that way.

The first time I burped was during a Saturday night young people church service. But in my defense, I NEVER spit up. Ick.

SLEEP is the coolest.

During the day if "mommy" let's me go for a minute, about 8 people are at my beck and call.

They think I’m pretty neat.

But at night, it's one on one with the director.

She's happy that I'm pretty much on a schedule, whatever that means.

I get wagged around a lot by a bunch of crazy toddlers. I just pretend like I’m asleep and they lose interest.

There’s a talkative one (maybe 5?) who keeps smothering me with kisses anyway.

At least they can basically pronounce my name now.

I love being in this thing. Especially if we're walking, then I sleep like a baby.

I do NOT appreciate being woken from my beauty sleep.

Oh and I hate baths.

Don't wanna to talk about it.

I’m not growing very fast yet, but I'm getting used to all this love and acceptance.

Before you know it, I'll graduate up to a whole new wardrode!

Sometimes at night, mommy says I’m getting rather used to being held or worn.

I don’t see a problem with that.

I'm told that I already have an international fan club.

Pretty slick for a gal who just sleeps!

Yep, I'm CUTE.


Rachel B said...

*MELT* I'm in love!

gloria said...



Gallo Pinto2 said...

Ug so cute!!!!! Tell her I love her from very far away!!!!! Are you sure she can't come live with me???