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Friday, September 18, 2009

best dressed kids

New CDA volunteer Savannah brought a whole heap of BEAUTIFUL, soft, cute, lovely, boutique, even handmade outfits in her suitcases!

Many of the outfits are for twin boys or twin boy/girl:

Many thanks to my Mom and Savannah's mother and grandmother for all of their hard work buying/sewing these outfits for our kids!!

Camo jacket courtesy of "Tia Emma" (my sister)

The bows are great!

I love this tiny yellow dress, perfect for my E.

S. & S. modeling in their new clothes

D. in the blue dress...

Twin E. in the blue dress...

E. in the blue dress!

Pictures of the twins in some of their outfits to come....


Gallo Pinto2 said...

Okay love the pics of E and much...but are there new outfits for Los Luis?

and I really feel the need to hold the new baby....

Jennifer T. said...

Oh yea, the boys got SEVERAL new outfits as well! I'm just giving myself several posts out of the deal. :-)