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Thursday, September 3, 2009

I just did it....

I am really nuts and have lost my mind baby crazy!

The child protection secretary of social services just called (about something else) and I told her: we want a baby. The next small baby that comes through. She then proceeded to thank me for about 2 minutes solid (they have a call limit of 3 minutes) and worrying about the daily entries of children into the system.

On Monday, we decided we have baby fever here at the Baby Home as our smallest aren't so small anymore, and decided to take the next one offered us. Ever since then I've felt like an expectant mother. Okay, an ADOPTIVE expectant mother since I haven't the faintest idea what the other feels like. ;-)

It's funny all the justifications we've come up with, even though our last adoption from here was at the beginning of the year (i.e., we're packed):

I've turned down approximately 9 babies/young children in the past two weeks and that's just my limit.

Even if we're out of cribs and high chairs, we do have little baskets and small cribs.

Almost all of our babies are about to be 12 months or older. We wouldn't want to have such a gap in ages or anything.

Five year old S. will be beside herself with joy with a little baby to love on!

We have several types of baby formula just sitting around. We'd hate for it to spoil!

We'll be needing a baby Jesus pretty soon for the 2nd annual nativity picture for our Christmas card.

Our last entries, the twin boys, arrived two months ago today and are well settled in.

And I leave next month for the US! What will I do without baby love (well you know TINY baby love) till next year?! I'm sure that can't be good for my health.

{Neither will sleep deprivation if I care for this baby around the clock.}

The phone rang again shortly after I told the secretary and Rosa here in the office looked at me with wide eyes "already?!" Not yet, but most likely we won't have to wait long. Oh, I'm so excited!!

Now back to editing/printing the newest version of our Spanish Policy & Procedure Manual which is decidly NOT fun. At least I've finished the English manual.


Shonni said...

Oh, I so understand!!! LOL
Baby sweet!!!

gloria said...


Bless your great big heart!!!!!

Praying here that God blesses you with just the baby that needs your love & care.

God bless,