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Saturday, September 5, 2009

little lords and ladies

I brought over the dress up clothes from CDA II to the Baby Home last week and since then the kids have had a blast dressing up! I thought most of the stuff would be too big, but they make it work, often with hilarious results.

A few pictures... (Again, sorry the lighting is horrible. Light bulbs just aren't very powerful here and it gets dark around 6:30pm almost year round. Oh and I can generally take better pictures when I don't have 5 toddlers on top of me or helping to dress a child or two at the same time, which was the case in almost all of these.)

Elegant D. - this suits her to a T!

We didn't have the heart to tell A. that Snow White is a girl

Bug B.

The room was a disaster by the end but for the fun, it was worth it! (E. - clown outfit - is having a typical meltdown because I put her down for 10 seconds to make this picture of the room.)

Twin Girl E

Twin Boy E, who can't decide if he's a king or repairman, seeing if his fit is garnering any attention

A. looking like a 50s housewife (or a lady in the market here)

Toddler B. in the red there up front was put out with us the whole time. Did NOT like the dress-up idea. (Five year old S. MADE me put on the dress. She was so thrilled to finally find something big enough for me.)

And Twin Boy E again...he basically spent the whole evening pitching fits for reasons unknown to us, so I guess it's safe to say that dress-up isn't his thing, either

The lovely sisters S. & D.

A. was SO CUTE in this but she was too busy to get a good picture

Tia Sarin modeling!

The little girls were so into it!

S. surprisingly enough got all into it and had a great time trying on outfit after outfit

I didn't realize quite how many dress-up items we had until we pulled it all out, twice. Thanks to all who have donated their old halloween costumes, hats, scarves, etc., to us throughout the years (including my sister Emma)! Sure makes for a fun time and experts say children learn best by imaginative play!


gloria said...

How fun!! My kids love dress ups too!! :) These children are positively precious!

God bless,

Gallo Pinto2 said...

Haha good to know boy E isn´t changing any. He sure does have his moods huh?

Elizabeth said...

Makes me happy to see S (the S of the bottom picture) looking so happy :)