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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

first pictures!

Introducing our new little one!!

Birthdate: September 11 (possibly our Gabriel & Gabriela's birthday, one year earlier!)

Weight: 2.840 kilos/6.26 pounds

Height: 46 cm/18 inches

Tia Luz was the first to wrestle Baby Girl F from my arms.

We got home at the end of lunchtime so the kids met her in the dining room

Rosa and I walked in saying "surprise! we're coming straight from the hospital with a baby!" so 5 year S. asked shortly after "Tia Jenny, where is this baby's house?" and a tia informed me that S. thought it was "my baby". I mean she is, in a way, but not in THAT way, LOL! When I told S. that our house is the baby's house, she stared at me while she processed that then squealed in delight. So sweet! The incredibly generous response of the other kids to new ones is always one of the most touching things to me.

And then the baby was stolen from me again to continue meeting her new mothers and brothers and sisters....

Everyone was very curious! Eventually though I realized that 2 year old E. was screaming in her highchair, for no apparent reason.....except for feeling a little dethroned and forgotten now that I was doting on a new baby and snapping pictures! She woke up crying shortly into naptime, so I spent the next couple hours giving her my undivided (at least with babies) attention, assuring her that I still love her lots.

These girls were beside themselves with pure joy at getting to help mother the baby.

Baby F ate really well even with all the overly attentive helpers

Choosing clothes from the newly organized storage closet! There are four bins full of clothes size 0-3 months. Of course I'll have to go back and choose more carefully when I don't have five eager helpers with me and a half naked newborn waiting.

The gasp when they saw the umblical cord made me realize a little lesson was in store. Should've seen the faces they made, as if they were imagining the baby's food arriving through that shriveled little brown thing....

Helping to dress the "baby doll"

Weighing the baby...

Then 3 year old S. dressed and weighed her baby with her helpers...

As for her story, well, it's difficult as usual...."adult only". I could write 10 posts on today alone, but as it's now past midnight and dear baby is sleeping soundly, I think I'll get some shut eye while I can!


Heather said...

Very precious! Did you get any sleep last night?

Shonni said...

So Beautiful!!!!

Gallo Pinto2 said...

oh wish I was there to hold her!!!

Anonymous said...

Officially jealous.....

Katie said...

Oh, she is soo pretty!! :) I'm so excited for y'all. There's nothing that quite compares to holding a little baby!!