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Monday, August 27, 2012

To the Lake!

On a recent local holiday we decided to get out of the city with the big kids! We went to Lago Angostura, to the south of town. It's actually not that far (less than an hour drive), but sort of feels like it. We had a great day!

I wish that I had taken a picture of the complete group, but we were 19 people: 13 energetic children (8 boys, 5 girls), 2 Bolivian tias, 2 French Canadian volunteers, plus Jake and me!

This was probably the first boatride any of our kids have ever experienced.

I wouldn't have been surprised if one of the younger ones had showed hesitancy about the boat, but it was M (just turned 8) who refused to get on. After an extended conversation, I finally got him to admit what he was worried about - drowning - and then worked from there. I told him I was paying for us to be taken off dry and to be BROUGHT BACK dry, that I wasn’t about to get into the lake water, either!

When M finally piled in the boat, he headed straight for Jake's side, having heard that he has worked as a life saver. The best words of the whole boat ride came at the end as Marcus said with a beaming smile, “Tia, let’s do it AGAIN!” :)

E., a fearless little sailor

The youngest of our group, with Tia Eli
The two volunteers accompanying us, Jeanne and Elizabeth, on the paddle boat ride that almost never ended, thanks to some strong winds... :)

Slide #1...

...and slide #2!

Thanks to the volunteer tias, everyone got a turn at the riding toys - oh so much fun!

Tio Jake chaperoned a couple paddle boat rides

Our intrepid explorers

J., age 3
We took over this area of the restaurant for our crew, a covered hut right on the water

(Thanks to the volunteers who helped with the bill)

B, age 5

I loved watching each child, or table, immediately pray fervently before diving into the ice cream!!

A, age 9

Table for three...

E, age 7
What a blessing to be able to enjoy afternoons like this with my kids and staff! The kids are already asking when we're going back to the lake. :)


Gallo Pinto2 said...

awww! what a blast!

Heather said...

I think it's actually called a "life guard" in English. But "life saver" does sound more reassuring. :-)

It looks like E. your little "fearless sailor" is undoing his life jacket!!

Jennifer T. said...

Ahh.... LIFE GUARD! Sorry, Spanglish is really becoming my main language, teehee.

And yes, your observation is correct: E had to be told a time or two to keep his life jacket ON!!