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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Look who's nine!

Last week our third-oldest at Casa de Amor II and longest in Casa de Amor out of ALL of our kids turned NINE!
A was 3rd out of 4 in line to turn nine over a 6 week period - first came boy J on July 16, then girl A on August 1, and still to come, girl J on September 1! Our kids are growing up. :)
A few pictures of the festivities and also of his previous 7 birthdays at Casa de Amor.

Little boy J had turned 3 a couple weeks prior and even though we did his birthday, he didn't get a cake...until this day with A!

Some of the kids really get into "biting the cake"...

L-R: Tia Ana Maria (caregiver with 24 hour shifts), Tia Benita (cook/housekeeper, Monday through Saturday), Tia Carla (our new psychologist for all three homes), Tia Eli (in charge of education, Monday through Friday)

A really cleaned up with the gifts!!

A requested a boat from me, handmade by my jail friends

Afterwards, we loaded up A and five of his specially invited guests - girls Jhosie & Abi, boys Jesus, Marcus, & Edgar - to go eat hamburgers at their new favorite place!

The tio and tia in charge... :)

(Picture by Marcus!)

Playing basketball in the car with their "happy meal" prizes!

2006 (in blue striped shirt)

2007 (in red stripes)

2008 (sharing a birthday with C, at head of table)


Happy Birthday, A!!!
Even though the past year has been very hard, we know that God has good plans for your life, and we are excited to be a part of them! :)


Gallo Pinto2 said...

Is Carmen not working for us anymore?

I love how you posted all of A's birthdays it is so neat to see how he has grown so much!

Pj said...

This looks like it was an extra special day for the children! Your orphans are so blessed to be in your creative, loving care, Jennifer. Wow! That boat looks like it took a lot of work. :)