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Friday, August 10, 2012

To The Jungle...

Okay, so not REALLY, but we pretended!

It's a pretty wild and wooly outing with 14 babies anyway, don't you think?!

Walking to our neighborhood "Child Event Center"...La Jungla!!

They sure thought it was wild....and a little bit scary!

But there was a lot of fun and laughter going on, too!

Little J loved the merri-go-round

Volunteer Danyelle getting some used to the trampoline (they quickly warmed up and became experts!)

Baby P hanging out

Enjoying empanadas for a special snack
This fun outing that would normally be beyond our means financially was a special gift from volunteer Jenn Chacon the week before she returned to McKinney, Texas!

Jenn wanted to give a fun time to everyone in the Baby Home with a different sort of outing...and she certainly did!

The toddlers LOVED the little plate sets that Jenn bought and personalized for each child

Thank you so much, Jenn! We are praying for God to guide you in upcoming days as you settle back into life in Texas, with your special baby ever on your heart.

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