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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Adoption Poster Contest, TIME SENSITIVE!

This morning it was brought to my attention that SEDEGES (child welfare authority here in Bolivia) is coming on board with a special day that a group Casa de Amor helped found participates in, "Dia del Derecho a Tener Una Familia" (Right to Have a Family Day), on September 2!

It's great news to see SEDEGES planning to participate.

One of their activities is a campaign to bring awareness to national adoption. Part of that campaign is a contest!

The challenge? "Create a design with adoption as the theme."

The prize? "Publication of the design on a national level."

Deadline? It's already passed, but because only three poster designs have been submitted, SEDEGES is extending the deadline until TOMORROW, August 23.

There's an organization here that regularly publishes some neat designs highlighting adoption. One of my favorites is shown here in a bookmark version in 2009.

If anyone feels inspired to participate, send me your design ASAP! :)

1 comment:

Jennifer T. said...

Thanks to those who participated - what amazing artists!! We'll know the results soon! :)