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Friday, July 20, 2012

Happy Birthday, G!

Some babies are just born SWEET!! Our little G is definitely one of them.

When he arrived last year at 6 days of age, he had been abandoned by a teen mother with her neighbor friend. That neighbor appeared on our Baby Home doorstep on July 25 wanting to drop him off. She had been feeding him pilfrut (cheap little bags of juice you can buy everywhere here).
Our accountant told the girl she needed papers first, that we don't just take in babies off the street, so lo and behold, she went to child social services and the very next day without a call or anything, he was back on our doorstep, now with the proper documentation. (I have to chuckle sometimes that it will be a shock one day, as accustomed as I am to the legal way of getting babies here, to have a baby of my own that comes withOUT papers, ha!)

Love the look on his face!

What a joy to have G his first year of life!

Everyone was so excited about the cake this day! Pictures of the "party guests" to come... :)

Happy Birthday, little G!


Katrina said...

oh! he is such a wee honey :) happy birthday G! x

Gallo Pinto2 said...

This little guy doesn't have any sponsors :( he's so cute! If you are interested in sponsoring him email me at