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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Quite the Wedding

Tia Elizabeth has been an awesome childcare tia at Casa de Amor II for at least five years now. We are so blessed to have her cheerful, positive attitude as she oversees all aspects of our kids' education. On Saturday, June 16, we were blessed to be a part of her wedding, an all afternoon (and almost all night) affair!

Efrain and Tia Eli
Waiting for the wedding to begin (two CDA II girls plus our administrator's daughter in the middle)
Some of the boys waiting
Tia Maria with son Esteban (anyone remember when he was a baby at Casa de Amor?!)
The wedding begins!

I teared-up to watch our two oldest boys (both soon to turn nine) walk in very first of the very long wedding procession and do their part so well!
Two of our volunteers, Johanna and Bobbi-jo, were bridesmaids

Casa de Amor flower girls!!

Most of these children (12, to be exact) were Casa de Amor kids!

View from the back of the church

During the 2 1/2 hour long wedding and civil ceremony, our kids were so patient - even more so than us adults!
One of CDA's tables at the reception
Our little girl A. M. with a long time friend, mother of our first physical therapist.
I was curious to see how the day would go with so many children, and particularly so when it extended to more than 8 hours! However the kids did great and it was a fun time of fellowship, being part of Efrain and Eli's special day!

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Gallo Pinto2 said...

Esteban is so big now! He looks SO handsome! Tell his mama she's doing great~!

And Diana is so grown up and beautiful now! Tell Rosa and David I said so too~!