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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Time for Family

I didn't plan to go back to the US this year. However, my family came up with a failproof plan to get me there: refuse to send Emma to Bolivia. Hrmph.
Emma herself sent a card all the way to Bolivia to tell me I needed to visit them in July, no matter what. So finally in April, I gave in. Okay, yes, I'm coming!!
It was the shortest trip back I've ever had - just 13 1/2 days, including travel and an overnight layover in Miami - so we made the most of it!
A few pictures of a very wonderful, relaxing trip full of great times with family and friends!

Visiting sister Heather's house. For some reason, the word "museum" always comes to mind when in her spotless, quite perfect room... (Yep, we're different alright!)

At my family's house, with Emma - now 13!!

Sisters! L-R: Sarah, Heather, Emma, Jennifer

Jennifer & Heather playing together for the first time in several years

And everyone all together! The Thompson family + Jake, a new friend who will soon move to Bolivia

Can you believe that there's not a single good picture of everyone, all smiling, no one being goofy... These are the best two!

A small little evening activity...

This picture insists on loading upside down, but now you can imagine how it was to piece it together from the wrong side of the table!!

Very enjoyable dinner with longtime Texan friends (and GOAL board member) Ben & Betsy Whisenant!

Jake & Jen by the Mississippi River

Visit to Mud Island on (a very hot) July 4th! But hey, I was escaping Bolivia in the very coldest part of what's been an unusually cold winter, so I wasn't complaining (too much!)...

And one of the events I was most looking forward to - July 4th in the US, ALSO my sister Heather's birthday!! Here we are at Collierville, Tennessee's celebration, with most of the town!

First July 4th fireworks I've seen in eight years and it was spectacular!! As many fireworks as I constantly see around town in Bolivia (they love them and there are practically no restrictions), there was NO comparison to these!

Sarah (left) is so happy now! The last time I was with my family, they had just moved and Sarah was struggling. She's a completely different person now!
So my briefest time back turned out to be one of the most memorable as we took advantage to the maximum! I'm not quite sure how the cookie stores kept running because my family only ran in and out briefly, spending the bulk of their time with me and our visitor from Washington state, Jake. It was like we were all on vacation. In fact, it was so nice, this has been a harder separation than usual. I love being back where I feel completely at home, Bolivia and Casa de Amor and the street kids, but sure miss my family!! I'm looking forward to their visits to me - after two years in a row of visits to the US, it's definitely their turn to come to Cochabamba. :)


Denise said...

So sweet, Jennifer!We talked to your dad last night, and he said you guys had a great visit. I am so happy to learn that Sarah has adjusted so well and that she was glad to see you. The only thing better would have been if you had made a trip to the lake! Emma has a way of working magic so I'll put her on another trip to Texas. :)

Jennifer T. said...

YES, a Texas trip is all that was missing!! And definitely wanted to be at the lake this time, it just didn't work out. Glad to see that everyone else went and had a good time! :)

Kaye @HouseonOakStreet said...

We've seen a bit of your dad lately since he's been staying at the Haun B&B ( except it's only a B) and he was excited about your visit! He told us what fun you had! You all look wonderful and it so good to see Sarah so happy!

Katrina Marie said...

So glad to see you had a wonderful time, Jen! :) God is good.