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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter! ...and Voting Day

For those of us in Bolivia, this year political elections overshadow Easter. Quite the bummer, since use of vehicles is prohibited on election days. Also meetings of over 10 people are normally outlawed, as well as the sale of alcohol for 72 hours before, although this year a concession was made and religious meetings are allowed. Still, my church is not close and it's a complicated day to get staff members to and from the homes on time and successfully, so I won't get to go.

Since the days when my Dad lived here, we get authorization for a vehicle which is VERY helpful, especially when a lot of medical things are going on...which is definitely the case once again! David will stay busy all morning taking tias to and from the homes and the polls, and possibly to the clinic depending on how Nataly's IV cooperates.

Here’s my to do list for the day:

Be with the kids/triplets more (started off my day with them, pictures coming!)
Bake!!! I don't know what, but it will be yummy whatever it is...and must use ingredients on hand
Iron clothes
Pick up room (I've been a chinese laundry for 24 hours by now...since I went two weeks in between washes for lack of time, everything is too close together and isn't drying)
Learn more Italian words (tomorrow an Italian couple meets our little girl C, yeah!!)
Start catching up in my read-through-the-Bible in a year plan
Finish the book “Mercy Moves Mountains” by Nancy Alcorn
Try to reach the triplet's godmother again (she doesn't know that her namesake Nataly also got sick)
Print more triplet schedules
Make a chronological list of bridge birthdays
Bake something for Tuesday night's volunteer fellowship
Finish C’s album for her new family (I have about a year's worth of pictures to hunt through)
Look over my March personal expenses
Choose songs and think through the next song list for the praise team at church bridge friends really want me to come even with no transportation. They will be bored with no cars to wash and (I imagine) no visitors. I wonder how long it would take to walk the 4 ½ kilometers? If I don’t go, it will be the first time since mid-February that I miss a day.

So yeah, just a few things on the list, but this will be a RESTFUL day whatever I do!! I seriously need a quieter day.


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