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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Go, Texas!

Nela, one of our terrific stateside volunteers, sent me details from 2009 donations a while back.
She put together a complete list of everyone who donated in 2009 and I just now got to really study it.
Here's what it shows:

There were 192 separate Casa de Amor donors (invidividuals, churches, non-profits, etc.)

95 of the donations were from Texas

88 of the donations were from other states in the US

9 of the donations were international (UK, Australia, Spain, New Zealand, Switzerland)

That means that 49% of donors are still from my home state, Texas! Then 46% are from other states and 5% from abroad.
Keep in mind, this is not AMOUNT of donation, simply donor statistics.


The Adkins Family said...

As soon as the little guy in my tummy has outgrown all the clothes waiting for him, we'd love to send them to you guys. Is that possible?

The Adkins Family said...

BTW, we live in Texas, lol!