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Monday, November 3, 2008

Twin Photo Shoot

"Tia, WHAT are you doing standing on your bed?!"

With so many babies who grow so quickly, I'm taking more pictures now than ever. However I've always wished to take better ones, more interesting...

Inspired by browsing through this blog "4 little men and girly twins" on Saturday, I took advantage of a looser schedule today (a holiday) to play around with some of our littlest models. Although let me point out that she makes it look WAYYY easier than it really is with two wiggling, peeing, always-either-hungry-or-tired-or-wanting-to-be-held babies! I loved her picture of the baby feet, but that one proved impossible for me, at least to do alone. Instead I got some adorable ones of their hands (yes, I know, some nails need to be cut....imagine the challenge here to keep 18 tiny pairs of fingernails and toenails clipped!)

I probably spent longer than I should've and now am backed up on today's "to dos", but what's the point if I can't just enjoy my babies every now and then?! Above is a slideshow with some of the 81 pictures I snapped...


RejoicingComet said...

Awww!! How cute! :D They are so precious...sweet little blessings!

Gallo Pinto2 said...

Casa was responsible for my first time trimming baby nails! I was terrified, but soon decided to do it each Friday for as many of the babies as I could grab during the evening play time! You're right it's a HUGE task! And not an easy one either! Love the pictures...I miss my babies!

Anonymous said...

sweet pix Jen! I need to have a baby so I can take cool pictures. ;-)

Jennifer Thompson said...

Yep, pretty cute....especially when asleep.

I think I need to suggest that Friday-nail-cutting ritual to new volunteers!! Right now I have claw marks from your dear E.

I can only imagine the great pics you will take, and your mom and sister!! (But really, it's more interesting with two or more babies at once, so consider that...) Love your contact pic!