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  • HOGAR DE AMOR III: 8 girls

Friday, October 31, 2008


This baby boy of ours has an interesting tooth thing going on these days...gotta love it! And his sister's are coming in the same way so far, just lacking the 4th tooth to complete the dracula look.

Other scary moments or news of the week...

I told my Mom on Sunday that I couldn't believe it, but "it seems like this week will not have any major medical issues". Haha, famous last words. The very next night was the "colic night", or shall I say beginning of colic week.

We also have to schedule another surgery (that's two within just a few weeks, but who's counting), we have a baby with a mouth infection for the first time ever, colic for the first time (those two are the same baby actually), and have done some medical tests/exams that are new for even us. So, I wasn't exactly sitting around fiddling my thumbs.

SCARY voting process.... Yesterday my voting ballot arrived to BOLIVIA! Because it didn't arrive by the correct deadline, I've actually already voted by the "Plan B" route but am supposed to fill out this one, too. You should see the heaps of papers included in the massive envelope.... I was like could they just please make it a little bit HARDER to do my duty. No wonder this is the first time I've tried so hard to vote from abroad (all for Palin...).

SCARY the number of babies...check this pic out, changing time one evening at the Baby Home! I can barely even count how many there are.

SCARY the number of continual abandonments, and even two runaways the government begged to send us. We've turned down at least six the past week or so, including two today, and a five day old baby also abandoned under a tree. :-(

SCARY that I'm writing this type of blog on Halloween. My family hasn't celebrated it in years. =)

There were also many BLESSINGS this week, like celebrating our Ana's 2nd birthday, seeing two of our kids (including our 3rd oldest at 9 1/2 years old) go live with their new adoptive parents, getting incredibly exciting prayer-answering news on other adoptions, and lots of patient assistance from the Starkey Foundation in their low cost donation of 4 hearing aids for our special babies. As usual, a week of great highs and lows--it's just life with kiddos at Casa de Amor!


Gallo Pinto2 said...

Awww my twins are getting teeth and I'm not there to see it! I'm so glad you have a blog so I can see the pics! Sounds like things are more hectic than ever - but you'd be bored if it wasn't :)

I'm saving my pennies...literally to come back next summer - it helps all the long days of dealing with teenagers a little easier!

Anonymous said...

Jennifer, I've never known you to admit you were scared before! (note that I didn't say you weren't scared before, just you wouldn't admit it ;-) Must have been quite the week over there. Good for you voting from half a world away....I couldn't even get my brother to vote and he lives here!