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  • HOGAR DE AMOR III: 8 girls

Thursday, February 16, 2012


...the newest (furry & fluffy) members of the family!
(All at CDA II, as Casa I is overrun with many and numerous babies, thankyouverymuch.)
First off, with us a couple of months now:

The Elderly Dog Rufus!

A stray who wouldn't leave us...

(also know as Volunteer Alexis's baby!!)

On February 11, The Cat arrived!
(Thanks to missionary friends Chris & Erin Sidmore for the donation.)

What a brave cat!
The tias report that with the mere sound of the cat's meow and prowl, they haven't seen a mouse in the house all week. Que bien! (Can't imagine her tangling with a snake, yikes...)

She also allows the kids to hold her, the most important in their eyes.

On February 14, the beautiful Lab Puppy was delivered!
I met this pup and his three siblings back in December the day after they were born, during a walk through of the house as we planned to move in. As promised, the Alaskan missionary family saved a male back for us - thanks!

See the pup?

Debates continue as to what he will be named...

This will be one much-handled doggy, that's for sure!

Let's just say that Casa de Amor II is fully taking advantage of the increased yard space, with plans for sheep (grass cutters) and chickens (fresh eggs) in the works!
Here's to country living...!!! :)

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Katrina said...

OH! What a cute wee puppy - so nice for the kids to have pets!