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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

and....another kitty!

Last week I was proudly presented with two kitties by my street friends. Some guy had left the two with them that morning, and they said I could have them since the wild dogs there would surely make an easy snack of them.
All night, they were snug under the shirts of someone and passed around in the car, until... Someone shouted "SENORITA!!" and sadly announced that one had been squished in the back (one of the seats is out, so that more can get in). Oops...
Then I forgot about kitties until everyone got out and I was driving off and an ever-louding "meow, meow" was emanating from the back. I got out and retrieved the remaining little fur ball...

I called the CDA II volunteers to see if they were up (it was nearly midnight) and take the survivor kitty straight to their house. I couldn't reach them, so took it home and gave it some milk and tried to make a warm little spot to our outdoor bathroom/laundry room...

The next morning there was a note on my door from a tia, congratulating me on our new pet and saying that he/she cries a lot, ha! :) That day the kitty moved to CDA II, but was quickly brought back again so that volunteer Genevieve can give it some better one-on-one care.

Who doesn't love a tiny kitten....

(I just realized there are no pictures of the kids with the kitty, just us big people, LOL!)

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