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Friday, February 17, 2012

double first birthday

The same afternoon I was picking up tiny Baby S (barely weighs 6 pounds!), a double first birthday was going on in the Baby Home.

Sweet baby G arrived from the hospital last year in May. How he has grown! And best of all, no more tight mask.

Baby A's birthday is actually February 20, but as that falls during the four-day Carnival holiday, we did her along with Baby G!

This baby has also come SO FAR and is so beautiful now! Just look at the pictures from when I first met her, with broken legs and a broken skull and multiple skin ailments. It took us months to rid ourselves of the scabies, oh my...

And a surprise: Baby A is already on the verge of WALKING! When most of our babies walk between 14 and 18 months, it's incredible to realize she's standing on once broken legs.

(I waited too late this evening to get out the camera last night and she really didn't want to stand for a picture...but she stands up in the middle of the floor alone all the time!)

That's a heated up orange juice/oatmeal drink in the big pot since it was a rainy, cold day (yummy)!

Some of the other "guests" :)
Baby MN, always a cutie!!

Charming E with those amazing eyelashes...

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