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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

New arrival: sweet little girl!

Literally a few minutes before we were supposed to leave for Casa de Amor II for picture day, this little girl arrived to the Baby Home!

Since the arrival of Baby Boy G a few months ago we've turned down all requests to send us babies, but a two year old is a little more independent.

Very first picture!

Eating a snack before a bath and heading out to CDA II.

The tias started to come downstairs to meet their newest!

At the end of the photo session with new big sister J.

I'm pretty sure she thought she'd arrived to a crazy house watching all the crazy things the adults did to get good pictures of the crew. :)

What little we know about this one is that she was left in a chicharia (place to drink alcoholic brew) all day until the owner contacted police and declared her abandoned. Something tells me the mother or parents or someone will go looking for her, so we have some investigation to do in this case. Police estimated her at 1 to 2 years of age and someone gave her a made-up name which begins with the letter L... And it's not a name we've ever had before, good going! (This is about all we look for now, LOL!)

Pray for little girl L to adjust to the Baby Home. I've gotten reports that she's a little aggressive with the other toddlers but otherwise is precious. :)

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