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Friday, October 7, 2011

Happy Birthday, B!

Somebody turned FOUR this week...

...and couldn't be more pleased!

The rest of the crew doesn't mind another birthday, either!

And this special guy had not one but TWO days of birthday fun...

...and cake!

On B's birthday I was reading September staff reports and one of the tias mentioned that he's the smartest one in her group of toddlers. Wow, I thought. Seriously?! This is the child waiting three years to be assigned a family not put off by his medical and development reports.

Then that very evening before hitting the streets, I was hanging out with some kids supposed to be winding down for bed, and 4 1/2 year old B says "Tia, what color is your hair?" I told him to tell me. He thought about it and said "Hmm...PINK!" Brand-new-four-year-old B immediately corrected him "No...YELLOW!!"

Way to go, B! You've come so far and we pray that God has an adoptive family specially picked for YOU.

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Pauline said...

O, precious B, I miss him! Good to read that he is doing so well! I will be praying for him and the other kids, God has a plan for all of them! Be blessed in everything you do. X Pauline