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  • HOGAR DE AMOR II: 6 boys
  • HOGAR DE AMOR III: 8 girls

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

New Baby #3

I'm just barely keeping up with this folks, so bare with me!

This afternoon I called Rosa to ask if she had discovered any news on Baby #2 while talking to the social worker at the hospital where most of the babies are born. (The answer: no, so I talked to the social worker at the clinic I was at and they are looking into it.)

Rosa then said "Jennifer, the other baby is at SEDEGES [child welfare office]." I knew what she meant...the 2 month old baby we said we "might" take. That is, before we took in THREE in just a few days time!! This morning we said to each other that we should wait for any new entries.....but SEDEGES didn't hear us! The baby was already there, released from the hospital, and they were insisting. Rosa asked what we should do and I decide!!

When I got home a couple hours later with Baby #2 [numbers are just easier right now!], Savannah came down the stairs feeding a baby a bottle and we started chatting at the door to the kitchen. I was subconsciously thinking I needed to swap babies with her because I needed to take Baby #1 and little girl J to the pediatrician. Then I noticed....HEY this baby really isn't looking like baby S! The eyes are bigger, and....all that HAIR! We had a good laugh when I shouted "Who is that?!" Then I asked if it was a boy or girl although it seemed Rosa had said "la bebe" and Savannah told me it's a girl.

So that was how I met this newest baby, another baby girl F! I didn't even have time to hold her, just time to load up Tia Maria and the other two babies and zip to the doctor. Finally later on when I got to hold her, I had baby boy S in my other arm, same as two days ago when I met Baby #2.

What a NUTS month!! It was already reminding me of August 2008 when we took in four, including three newborns, four weeks in a row, but this... Four within just eight days, yikes!

And I will post arrival pics of the newest later, when I get them from Savannah! Boy did Savannah get back just in the nick of time!! She will care for Baby #2 at night, I am still with Baby #1, and the tias will have Baby #3.

Did I mention she is 2 months old?? July 1 birthday!

This is Baby #99 overall for Casa de Amor. Guess the next wins a prize. Or something. :)


Mary said...

Maybe I should send Hannah back to help you with the new babies! They are so precious!!

Jennifer T. said...

THAT would be wonderful!! Do you think they will give her another vacation from school?! :)

Gallo Pinto2 said...

I'm now INCREDIBLY jealous!

How are MY twins doing though? I think they are getting left out!

Jennifer T. said...

WHICH ones of your twins?? ;) And don't worry - just because we are swimming in new babies doesn't mean the older rambunctious toddlers get put to one side, ohhh no!!

Gallo Pinto2 said...

the original twins...los tremendos... I love Pedro to death but E and E will always, always have my heart. They're my background on my computer and my cell phone...

don't worry I'm super excited about the new babies I just miss E and E too!