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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

fake twins :)

Throughout the years at the Baby Home, we've had some memorable "pairs" of babies who arrived close together and seemed like twins. Interestingly enough, all are boy/girl...unless someone can remind me of other pairs I'm forgetting?

A few pictures:

November 2007, Girl A and Boy B

arrived 12 days apart, were hospital roommates at the nutrition center, both turned out to have multiple special needs and both use hearing aids now

February 2008, Boy J. C. and Girl S

arrived 2 weeks apart; both were very laid back, perfectly healthy, and adopted by local families

August 2008, Boy J and Girl C

Arrived 12 days apart, both tiny newborns

And now... Boy S and Girl M. N.!

Both weigh less than 3 kilos, will be called by their middle name (4 syllables), and seem to be completely abandoned at this point

Back to Baby Heaven.... :)


Gallo Pinto2 said...

yeah you really are in baby heaven!

haha on all the fake twins...but they aren't near as much fun as los tremendos! by the way when you burn the cd of all the pics of los tremendos for the adoptive parents will you burn me a copy too? gracias!

Jennifer T. said...

The mother of the boy twins, here visiting, just asked me "Tia, are both of the new babies staying?" Um, yeah... :)

Sure thing on the CD! Would be nice to, ah-hem, actually have time to find all their pictures amongst my millions.

Amanda said...

When I was two, my parents adopted my two-year-old sister. We called ourselves "almost twins." Good luck to all your fake twins. :)