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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Another little surprise!

When it rains, it pours! We've been creating and saving space in the Baby Home for several months now in anticipation of a street raid and more babies from the street. Seeing as that has not happened, we decided to take any baby offered us.

Now normally (whatever that is!), we like to receive one a month, but there are exceptions...

A little review:
September 1, little girl J arrived from the nutrition center
September 2, baby boy S arrived from the maternity hospital
September 6, baby girl N arrived from a group of nuns

And we had only received three all YEAR to this point, the triplets! An unusual year indeed, but what can I say - the trips were high maintenance for several months there!

To back up...

On September 6 at almost 11am, I was just arriving to the pedatric hospital to visit little girl J and my eyes were fixed on a stroller holding adorable boy twins.......when Rosa called from the office. She said she had just said yes to a 7 day old baby who would probably arrive in the afternoon!!

At 1pm I had just sent an email to my family saying "It's a Girl!" when the doorbell rang. We welcomed in a group of sweet nuns who begged us to take good care of the baby and then left crying. The presumed mother had abandoned the baby with them two days before, Saturday morning, by meeting up with them at the bus station and handing over the baby in a cardboard box (can you imagine?! as if she were a puppy dog to be passed off so easily). At this point we know practically nothing else, except that the mother called back on Monday to say the baby was 10 days old, so that's how we're calculating her birthdate for now.

Savannah's "Are you SERIOUS we already have another baby?!?" face

Jennifer, with her hands full as usual :)

Our newest weighs in at about 6 pounds, another tiny one!



Gallo Pinto2 said...

okay now I wish I was holding our new little guy AND our new little gal!

Amanda said...

When I volunteered at an orphanage in Ecuador, the stories of abandoned babies broke my heart. Most came from the hospital with varied backgrounds, much like yours, but we had ones abandoned in a park (the first baby I saw come in the week I arrived), in a taxi, at our gates, and in a dumpster. I grieve for parents who cannot raise their children and am thankful that there are arms willing to raise them. Thank you for all you do.