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Saturday, March 10, 2012

New arrival!

Yesterday we took in a little boy who has been on our "waiting list" so to speak since December. What a joy to have beautiful successful adoptions and thus be able to take in others in need!
Little J* was abandoned at a stand in the market in August last year and has been in a temporary boys shelter ever since. This home does not send kids to school so we need to get him registered. Just as urgent is to see to his medical needs... J has had two surgeries for cleft lip/palate but needs at least one more and has related dental issues. Since we've received two in the past year (K of the twins and baby M) with cleft lip and/or palate needing repair, it's becoming one of our "areas", so we already know just who to take him to!

*Amazingly, it's actually a J name we've never had!
Here is J right after arrival and going directly to work with Tia Mercy, our speech therapist who comes every Friday morning to work with all our kids needing extra language support.

All we know is his first name. His last names and birthday are made up since he has absolutely no papers. Pray for J's adjustment and for the upcoming labwork and medical procedures!

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