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Friday, March 30, 2012

little models

Yesterday at day's end, the little girls and I had a great time playing and snapping pictures as they tried on some of the newest goodies my friends at jail are making for me.

Introducing our little Casa de Amor Baby Home models!

Little O, age 2, got so into it I couldn't get her out of the clothes at the end...

She has spunk, this one!! Those who know her know what I'm talking about. ;-)

Oh, SO much help....

This dress is also for three year old...

Baby A, age 13 months, thought she wanted to wear a hat, but then decided "nah..."

This dress for a 3 or 4 year old didn't fit O so well, although she still loved trying it on!
Oh those eyes....

My three oldest girls at the Baby Home!
OH, so much fun!

M. N. (19 months) getting into the act! She mainly loved the head wear.
Our two cuties...but my, how mischievous! ;-)

(As my Dad would say, "Too much cuteness, just TOO MUCH cuteness...")

J., 3 1/2, also got into the act, putting on multiple ponchos at once at one point!

I can mail any of these little outfits for $14 + shipping & handling (approximately $10 to North America), and each of the hats for $4 + S & H.
I have hats for ages 1 and up.
The ponchos and dresses are mainly for ages 2-4 and I'll pick up a dress for a one year old this weekend, but that's Bolivian sizing... For children from other countries, I think the sizes are anywhere from 6 or 8 months up to 2 or maybe 3 years!

We can also make anything custom (your size, color, etc.), just let us know!

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