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Monday, February 21, 2011

Birthday Baptism

Although it's common in Bolivia, it was a first for Casa de Amor to have a Catholic baptism. Even though we have explained to the triplet's mother what the Bible says in regard to infant baptism, this was the wish of the babies' padrinos (godparents).

So on the morning of their first birthday, February 16, the three babies turned into three little white-robed princesses..... :)

First baby transformed, Nataly!

Setting up our three little dolls. (We all had to giggle when one toppled over backwards as soon as the hands were removed. At least she didn't cry!)

Is there anything cuter?!

In the ceremony, arranged especially for the triplets

The man on the right filmed all the festivities of the day

Triplets Nicole Nataly (with the mother), Alison Nataly (with godmother), and Nataly Claudia (with godfather)

The poor priest could barely keep all their names straight! They are rather confusing I guess, especially if you haven't had practice and can't tell the three apart.

A little review on the names...

Nicole is named after Jennifer's younger sister Heather Nicole
Alison is named after Savannah's younger sister
All the "Nataly" is for their godmother who has provided so much since their birth
Claudia is for Nataly's younger sister

The three were a weeee bit stir crazy by this point, besides that we had just passed bottle time...'nuf said!

Out for salteƱas afterwards (a lovely Bolivian morning snack) while tanking up the triplets

Alison enjoying some special lovin' from a man who calls himself their adopted grandfather

The newlywed godparents, each with a triplet

We so rarely go out with all three, and just the three, it was a really lovely morning! So blessed to have been a part. :)


Blessed2BaMommy said...

What beautiful little girls they are! Triplets; amazing :).

Heather said...

They were so scrawny! They have really filled out & look so healthy now.