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Saturday, September 6, 2008

My car (or is it?)

I couldn't resist-isn't this cute? Before leaving yesterday I stopped in my tracks to see all the little handprints around the car and one right above the handle, on the driver side window (future driver!!).
They are little hands, but by the size I imagine they're from my biggest at the Baby Home-3 year old Rudy! Every day he does something new and special, like smearing dirt in a rainbow pattern (had to stand on a ride-on toy to reach), or even taking off a piece of the car! Maybe I should check on some sort of tarp to cover it, but I loved going around town with all the little prints. =)


Gallo Pinto2 said...

Oh man! I miss Rudy!

Jennifer Thompson said...

And we're the ones that will miss him when he's adopted!! That will leave a hole, for sure. Speaking of Rudy had a little accident. You know how, uh, active and energetic he is. He was being that way during bath time and Tia Rosi couldn't catch him in time to save him from busting his forehead open on the tile ledge. So...he now has 5 stitches, but I think the blow was softened a bit by getting a ride home from the hospital in my car. ;-)